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Welcome to Renown Park Preschool

At Renown Park Preschool we are committed to providing a quality play based curriculum that recognises all children are capable and competent learners.

We place relationships at the heart of everything we do. Relationships with children, families, our community and each other as educators. With a diverse community of children and families from many walks of life and cultural backgrounds we strive to create a place where there is a strong sense of belonging for each and every person who walks through our door.

Families and the community are encouraged to be an integral part of children's learning at Renown Park Preschool. We believe that parents hold the key to each child's success and so we include them at every step of the way - to share their knowledge of their child, their home culture and their hopes and dreams for each child.

We believe that children who feel a strong sense of belonging, optimism, resilience, and are able to collaborate with others are developing life-long skills that lay a foundation for success and the ability to handle the challenges and joys of life.

“I love: playing outside at kindy, playing with my friends, the computers at Brompton PS, people share, making play dough, the teachers, climbing trees, it’s close to home and I can walk, finding things with the microscope, special days” (Renown Park Preschool children 2015).

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